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Captain America’s most memorable moments

Captain America’s most memorable moments - Brand Threads

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It’s been 80 years since our favourite shield-wielding superhero made his very first appearance in the pages of comic books. Fighting for freedom and shielding the oppressed, Captain America’s quest for liberty and justice has won the hearts of Marvel fans around the globe ever since. 

As you’d expect for an octogenarian, Captain America has lived quite the life. Over eight decades, the all-American sentinel of liberty has played out some seriously gripping storylines, from fights and fallouts to being frozen in ice and lost in time. 

Let’s take a look at some of Cap’s most memorable moments throughout the years and find out just what makes this accidental superhero so special. Fair warning - LOTS OF SPOILERS ahead!


Who is Captain America?


Captain America’s true identity is Steve Rogers - a super-soldier from New York. Born in 1920 to poor Irish parents, Steve loses both his mum and dad by the age of 18, by when he’d grown into a scrawny young man with a range of health conditions.

As World War II ravages Europe, fine arts student Rogers is moved by the devastation he sees and attempts to join the army. Because of his slight build and poor health, Rogers is rejected - but his commitment to the cause attracts attention.

Soon enough, Rogers finds himself taking part in the super-soldier Project Rebirth instead - an experimental army programme with the aim of enhancing the human body to peak levels.


Captain America’s transformation


Heading up the programme, pioneering scientist Professor Abraham Erskine subjects Rogers to radiation and a special serum that transforms the 98lb lanky lad into a muscular super-soldier with amazing strength and agility. 

Almost immediately, Rogers witnesses a Nazi spy shoot and kill the professor, meaning the super-soldier formula is lost forever. Rogers catches the assassin, who on death reveals himself to be an agent of criminal Nazi organisation Hydra.

In an attempt to cover up the fiasco, the US government supplies Rogers with a patriotic red and blue uniform and bulletproof shield, parading him to the public as a superhero who will help fight Hydra bigwig the Red Skull - the Nazi agent and Hitler fanboy who ordered the professor’s assassination. Rogers’ codename? Captain America.


The fight against Hydra


Assisted by his sidekick Bucky and equipped with a shiny steel and vibranium shield (courtesy of President Roosevelt), Captain America closes in on Nazi rivals Hydra, infiltrating their base. In the comics, Rogers goes after Nazi bigwig Baron Zemo, but in some versions of the story, it’s Cap’s nemesis the Red Skull. 

During the clash, both Captain America and Bucky board a plane that explodes, flinging them both into the Arctic. Rogers and Bucky are presumed dead, but in fact, Rogers’ body freezes in the cold water and he enters a state of suspended animation. 

Encased in a block of ice, Captain America doesn’t return to duty until decades later, when he’s discovered by a team of modern superheroes…


Cap’s reawakening


In modern times, the Avengers discover Rogers’ body, working out that he’s been preserved in ice since the 1940s, and surviving only because of his enhanced state. 

Despite the shock of waking up in a different time, and the grief of losing his sidekick, Bucky, Captain America agrees to join the Avengers and once again takes up his shield for the greater good. 

He quickly becomes the leader of the group and has remained a guiding light for the Avengers ever since.


A superhero civil war


Comic book characters who die don’t always stay dead, avid readers will know. Such was the case with Cap’s sidekick, Bucky. 

Assumed dead, Bucky had actually survived the plane blast and was recovered from the Arctic by the Soviets. Having lost his memory, Bucky came under the control of the Soviets, becoming an assassin known as The Winter Soldier.

Meanwhile, Captain America was caught up in a superhero civil war. Siding with the heroes opposing the government’s Superhero Registration Act, Rogers battles against those in favour of the law, led by Iron Man.

Alongside fighting, Rogers discovers Bucky has survived, setting out to free him and restore his memory.


The death and rebirth of Captain America


After the civil war, Captain America meets a sad fate when he’s fatally shot by ex S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Sharon Carter - Cap’s former love interest, who’s being manipulated at the time by psychiatrist and super-villain, Dr Faustus. 

Rogers’ trusty sidekick Bucky agrees to fill in for his late friend, who in fact isn’t dead at all; instead, his consciousness is transcending space and time as a result of the ‘fatal’ shot.

The Red Skull returns Cap’s consciousness to the present time, taking control of his mind and body until Rogers breaks through and regains himself. With the help of his allies, Captain America defeats the Red Skull.


There’s only one Cap… or is there?


After decades of fighting for justice, Rogers is ready to pass the mantle on to Bucky, but Bucky isn’t so sure he can match up. Captain America appeals to Bucky to reconsider, and his sidekick finally agrees. 


During a fight with Red Skull’s daughter, Sin, Bucky dies - but is revived by the Infinity Formula. The rest of the world, however, still believes Captain America to be dead, and Bucky takes up work for S.H.I.E.L.D. Later, he takes over from Nicky Fury as Earth’s guardian, the Man on the Wall.

Meanwhile, Rogers has aged several decades and become an old man. With the position of Captain America now vacant, Rogers calls on his old friend Sam Wilson - The Falcon - to reprise the role on his behalf. Wilson agrees and a brand new Captain America continues to fight for freedom and justice while the original Cap lives out his golden years.


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