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Happy New Year IT'S 2022! Tips on how to manage your first week back

Happy New Year IT'S 2022! Tips on how to manage your first week back - Brand Threads

bethadamson |

It's the start of a new year! For many this can be a hectic time of settling back in to the work place after lots of time off relaxing and eating mince pies! In this article we're going to run through some of our top tips for settling back in to work after the Christmas rush and some of our top pics from our range so far so you can enjoy getting cosy at the end of a long day ‎‍?

Minnie Mouse Ladies Pyjamas


  1. Tip number one! Get a good night's sleep! This may seem like a no brainer...  But you'll feel refreshed and ready for the next day ahead! And what else is better than some comfy and sustainable organic pyjamas to sleep in? psst can see more from our full adults range here

  2. Eat well! Another simple and very effective example of how to keep our brains going after having a much needed Christmas break. Our brains and bodies need energy and to focus, most of the time we can feel tired and drained from not fuelling our body enough! A balanced and healthy diet does wonders for our focus and over all health, so make sure you're eating nutritional foods frequently.

  3. Drink lots of water! Your brain is 3/4 water! Studies have shown that your productivity can drop significantly when not hydrated enough - a water bottle is always a good idea to have close to your work station

Breaks are important and are always needed to keep working on a productive level. You'll feel back to normal in no time and back in to the swing of things! Here's to a productive and healthy 2022!